Literary Applications

Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange App (London: Penguin, 2012)

  • User-friendly cog interface.
  • All content fully tagged.
  • Restored edition of text with two introductions (Andrew Biswell and Martin Amis) and editorial annotation.
  • Full 1961 typescript.
  • Extensive glossary.
  • Exclusive archival material from the International Anthony Burgess Foundation and Random House.
  • Audio clips of Burgess reading from novel and in interview.
  • Full audio book narrated by Tom Hollander.
  • Readings from novel are synchronised with the text.
  • Exclusive videos of Burgess scholars and famous fans discussing the novel.
  • Interviews, essays and commentary by Burgess and others.


T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land App (London: Faber, 2011)

  • Video performance of entire poem by Fiona Shaw, synchronised to the text.
  • Complete audio recordings of the poem, all synchronised to the text, by T.S. Eliot, Ted Hughes, Alec Guinness, Viggo Mortensen, and Jeremy Irons with Eileen Atkins.
  • Comprehensive interactive notes.
  • Navigation tool.
  • Video perspective by experts including Seamus Heaney and Jeanette Winterson.
  • Original manuscript with Ezra Pound’s annotation.


Jack Kerouac, On the Road: Amplified Edition (New York: Penguin, 2011)

  • Photographs from Kerouac’s estate, and of the Beat generation.
  • Audio clips of Kerouac reading from the novel.
  • Documentary footage of Beat sharing their views about Kerouac.
  • Pages from the journals Kerouac kept when he was on the road and notes for the composition of the novel.
  • Reproductions of the first draft of the novel from the original 120ft scroll, later typescripts with corrections from Kerouac and his editors.
  • Slideshow of cover art.
  • Collection of original reviews.
  • Tributes to Kerouac by artists such as John Updike and Bob Dylan.
  • Documents from the archives at Viking, including correspondence between Kerouac and the editors.
  • Side-by-side comparison of the original scroll and the published text.
  • An introduction by Beat scholar Howard Cunnell.
  • Interactive map of the trips taken by the novel’s characters.
  • Complete text of the 1957 version of the novel, with biographies of the inspirations behind the characters and notes on the places visited in the novel.
  • Detailed biography of Kerouac.
  • Articles by Kerouac.
  • Bibliography of further reading.
  • Book navigation features (text search; bookmarks; page turning)
  • Sidebar annotations can be hidden.
  • Archival manuscripts can be manipulated with touch controls.


Michael Morpurgo, War Horse App (London: Edgmont, 2012)

  • Interactive timeline of key events of World War I with pictures, letters, quotes and poems.
  • 80-minute video performance by the author and a folk band. Synchronised to the original script.
  • Author and six experts give insight into life in the trenches via 35 video discussions.
  • New illustrations.
  • Unabridged audiobook with text synchronisation.
  • Interactive world map.
  • 3D rotations of WWI objects.
  • Videos can be streamed on Apple TV.


William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Sonnets App (London: Touch Press, 2012)

  • Filmed performances of all 154 sonnets by Shakespearian actors and experts.
  • Complete Arden edition of the sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint.
  • Complete Arden Shakespeare notes and introduction, fully integrated.
  • New commentary on the sonnets by Don Paterson.
  • Facility for user to add notes.
  • High resolution facsimile of the 1609 Quarto.
  • Forty interviews with experts.
  • Facility to send sonnets to friends by email, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Interface based on The Waste Land app.
  • Performances can be streamed to Apple TV.


The Exeter Manuscripts Project App (Exeter: Exeter University, in Production)

  • Focused on medieval manuscripts.
  • Will have a sophisticated user interface, with touch commands that will bring up boxes of supporting material and context.
  • Will offer readings in the languages of the manuscripts as well as translations.
  • Will have a historical timeline of the Exeter Manuscripts.
  • Videos of scholars talking about the manuscripts.


Ebook Treasures Online (London: Armadillo)

  • Very similar to Turning the Pages, with the same features, but allows users to purchase individual manuscripts either through the app or through iBooks.

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