Miscellaneous Notable Resources

Citizen Science Alliance, Zooniverse (UK/USA: CSA) <www.zooniverse.org> [Accessed 10 November 2014]

  • Citizen science project using various crowdsourcing techniques.
  • Currently with 25 active projects including focus on Space, Climate, Nature, Humanities and Biology.
  • Crowdsourcing tasks include transcription, annotation, ranking, pattern matching and decision tree (i.e. multiple choice identification of galaxies).


National Library of Australia, Trove: Digitised Newspapers (Canberra: NLA) <https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper> [Accessed 10 November 2014]

  • Crowdsourcing project to transcribe Australian newspapers and check the accuracy of optical character recognition (OCR) scans.
  • High quality black and white images.
  • Ability to download PDFs of complete newspapers.


National Library of Wales, Cymru 1914 Project (Aberystwyth: NLW) <http://cymru1914.org/en/> [Accessed 23 October 2014]

  • Digital manuscripts, newspapers, correspondence, photographs and more from a range of archives.
  • Very high image quality.
  • Ability to click on individual articles in the digitised newspapers for a transcript.
  • Translation tool for Welsh language papers.
  • Not much contextual writing.




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